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You must have heard the term PEEL for essays. Do you know? It is an acronym, but what does this hold for? What is its significance for us? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are in the right place. This article will help you to get a better understanding of PEEL paragraph writing. Let’s understand the PEEL writing in-depth.

PEEL writing strategy provides the writer a pathway to write i.e. following a structure. It is a method that gives you a proper idea and setting to write an essay clearly and concisely.

The PEEL paragraph technique is used in essay writing to create paragraphs in such a manner that it gives a focused argument, which provides an anchorage to the essay topics or thesis statement.

The PEEL structure simplifies the argument and makes it concise within a paragraph. The absolute benefit of this method is that it makes the essay easy to understand for the readers. Since the interpretation of a text can differ from the writer’s context. So you must take care of your essay writing because you need to consider how the reader is going to interpret the text.

Let’s understand the acronym of PEEL in PEEL Paragraph Writing?

We would define the acronym one by one.


  • P- P stands for Point.

Before writing a paragraph, remain clear about your topic and context. Start the first paragraph with a clear sentence that establishes the point or meaning of the whole paragraph. The points which you are going to write in your essay should be supportive of your essay argument.

The first sentence should itself be explanatory for the whole paragraph. That should be an indication of the subject you are going to write further in the paragraph. It makes the paragraph interesting for the reader to read further. You should avoid adding irrelevant things, otherwise, the purpose of writing won’t be served. Once you have written the paragraph, try analyzing it to give clearly intended the topic you wanted to convey to the reader. If it does, that is pretty awesome. If you feel like something should be changed to make it more impressive, go for it.

  • E- E Stands for Evidence.

Once you are done with your points, the next paragraph should be written in such a manner that provides support for your argument. You can also call that support as evidence. This includes facts, history, events, statistics, analysis, data from authentic sources, citations from reasonable journals, and many more.  The collection of evidence in support of your argument is a crucial part of the essay writing. You can use already published research papers, reliable book sources, and reputed websites to do your research and gather relevant information. This might seem difficult but the outcome would be great.

  • E- The Second E Stands for Explanation

After the evidence for your topic, now the table turns. It’s time for an explanation. It is crucial to explain all the arguments and evidence to present a clear meaning in front of the reader. Your explanations should be precise and not circumlocuting around the topic. This keeps the user interested and engaged while reading the essay.

  • L- L stands for Link 

What does link mean here?  Linking is necessary to keep the reader feel connected while reading the essay. Linking here denotes ending a point and starting a new one in such a manner that it feels the later one is connected to the previous one. It can be puzzling but a necessary aspect of essay writing. A link should give a conclusion to the sentence. The PEEL in writing can be considered a great tool to organize the structure of an essay.

How can a paragraph be written in the PEEL technique?

  • Planning for paragraph- It is a step that should be done even before you start writing. You should make a plan about the topics, evidence, and all stuff related to it and remain to adhere to your plan. It gives you a proper flow of the information and sequence before writing. Think about your ideas and note them down on paper before you start writing.
  • Go with Intro- The first paragraph should be in a manner that feels like an introduction to the readers.
  • Provide valid arguments- While validating your arguments, provide valid and logical arguments so that users can connect with them. Use can use metaphors to establish a connection between two related situations.
  • Add the Linking Statement- Linking statement is necessary for summing up the argument and closing it.
  • Proofreading- Proofreading is the most essential part of any writing, whether it is an essay, book, or article. It is used to rectify your errors and edit your paragraphs. You can look over your errors like spelling or grammatical errors. You can change the frame of a sentence. Read loudly to feel if there is an error in your paragraph. It is possible today to rectify your errors with the help of online tools. Once your draft is proofread, it is ready to be submitted and published.

How can a PEEL paragraph be used?

The PEEL writing strategy is mainly used to write creative, academic, and research-based essays. This method makes the essay more engaging and retains the audience’s interest while reading that essay.  Start the introductory paragraph to get connected to the reader. It should be appealing. Essays should be crafted in a manner to discuss issues and provide solutions as well.

Essay writing gives you the ability to discuss a lot of issues and their solutions. The PEEL format gives a definite frame to craft the essay within that. You can find PEEL writing examples while writing your research paper, expository writing, personal writing, and even memoirs.

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