Privacy Policy

Our whole team is privileged to have confidence in us. We have done everything we can to develop such a privacy policy that protects and confides all of your details and information. However, before giving us any assignments and tasks, we advise you to read the following privacy policies:

The company keeps all personal information such as name, contact numbers, email id, etc. These details we never share with anyone else.

  • No third party shares information about our tutors.
  • We reserve the right to communicate your personal information in accordance with the law. The information shall only be communicated when our rights or the legal proceedings, court, or legal procedure served on our website are protected, safeguarded, or complied with.
  • Our company has a quality control department that guarantees that the tasks made by our tutors are free from plagiarism. All written materials are screened carefully before they are sent to you through various plagiarism tools.
  • We reserve the right, whenever possible, to change any of our Privacy Policy without notice. Thus, to avoid confusion, you frequently have to review our privacy policies.

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