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How Can You Make Your Assignment Presentable?

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Having a well written assignment is a major task academically. Writing of an assignment does not just limits to its content but needs to follow the formatting rules so as to make them presentable. For getting higher scores, one needs to have their assignments written and completed in a proper and in unique way. An attractively written content helps you in doing better than your classmates and competitors, and for having your faculty’s positive

However, if you are not aware of ways to make your AssignmentAssignment presentable, then this blog will be efficient for you as we have shared here the most important presentation tips to follow when writing an assignment.

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Some important guidelines or rules that will make your assignment look more presentable:

Using readable fonts

The first and foremost rule to keep in mind while writing an assignment is the font. It must be in a readable format. Fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, etc in 11 or 12 size is the best option. The font text written in black on a white background makes your assignment look neat. Use Bold and Italics and not color highlights for important words.

Creating a quirky title page

The title page of your assignment speaks volumes if your readers will find your assignment presentable or not. So, you need to have an attractive title page that has vital information about the assignment topic mentioned clearly.

A professional template containing options of writing your name, roll number, course name and course code, title, and deadline date can be used for this page. Make sure that this information is placed in the center of the title page.

Putting in the headers and footers

Headers and footers is one important part when writing an assignment. Adding of the header and footer helps you with adding of the page number, name, roll number, course name, and course code, etc.

Except for the title page and the references page, you need to make sure to add page numbers on each page.

Keeping in mind the rules for spacing

Spacing is the next important element after the fonts. Some universities have spacing rules, if you too have one, follow it or use the basic 1 or 1.5 spacing.

After each paragraph, a blank line should be left. If any answer is too long, start that question from the next page for consistent spacing.

Making use of headings and subheadings

Your assignment looks messy if there are no headings and subheadings in between. Therefore, attractive headings should be inserted for a better assignment structure. Headings tell your readers what they are going to read in a paragraph.

Providing necessary examples

Having necessary examples is always a good idea. It helps your readers to understand your topic better, and also adds value to your assignment.

Adding of visual elements

Visual elements like images, diagrams, tables, charts, and graphs on your assignment make it look more presentable. An assignment only with texts does not look too attractive and also will bore the audience. Therefore, visual elements can be added for drawing your reader’s attention to the topic you have written.

Adding the references

Having a reference or a citation page at the end of your assignment is a rule. You need to have a list of all the references you used for writing your assignment. References have different formats, but use the one that your University mentioned.

Concluding Words

It is important that your assignment is interactive, engaging, and attracts the attention of your visitors. Therefore, before beginning with your writing, you are required to select an appropriate and attractive template based on your content type. A content that lacks proper formatting guidelines is not very good to look at. So, you need to make sure that your contains mandatorily follows and has a content structure like that mentioned in this blog post, then only will you have an attractive looking website. However, a good structure, attractive font, and all other above mentioned points are of no use if you do not offer quality content, which is the foremost important point for getting you the best grades in schools and colleges.

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